Traveling on Your Own

A month ago today, I was in Miami, FL to celebrate my 25th birthday. I traveled on this trip by myself, with myself and for myself. Yes, I have friends and family who all love me but this was trip that I decided I was going to take on my own. Most time, seclusion can be a disguise for hiding things that you don't want anyone to see and while I've had moments like that before, this trip wasn't one of them. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.17.36 PM.png

When I told people what my birthday plans were, the first question they asked was "Who are you going with?". I know that their questioning came from a genuine concern of me going to a place that I've never been to, by myself. It's funny to think that the "normal" way for culture to see that you can enjoy something is if you are with someone. Actually, it made me rethink for a second about traveling alone because maybe I should be going with someone...ya have "more" fun. After all it was my 25th birthday. Let me say that after traveling and coming back from this trip, I am so happy those thoughts didn't stick and I am okay if this isn't the last time I will travel alone. 

This trip for me was so freeing and I fell more in love with myself. I found a Miami-based photographer through searching hashtags on Instagram and scheduled an amazing photoshoot that truly captured the joy I was feeling inside of me. I rented a car and drove around this beautiful city jamming out to songs I hadn't heard in a long time. I went to the beach and just reflected on how amazing my life is and how far I've come. I listened to myself and in this life, that is something you HAVE to do! If you have never traveled by yourself, plan to do it one day. It is not that traveling with someone isn't good because it is, or that going on a boat ride with someone telling you how happy they are to celebrate you would make you feel appreciated, because it would. It's just something about being with all of you and having no distractions or planned schedule and living to enjoy those moments. 

I came back from this trip with so much love for the woman I am. I am amazing and that knowing didn't come from anyone whispering in my ear, talking about how much they love me or buying me any lavish gifts. I am who I am because I know who I am. I know the real me so no one can tell me who I am or how I deserve to be treated. No one can tell me what I should want out of my life, relationships, career, or future because I know those things for myself. I recognized the areas I have grown in and the areas I still need to grow. This trip was simply amazing and I discovered that Miami is now one of my favorite places. I don't want any of you to be scared or wait for someone to come with you, to travel to the places you want to go. Book the flight, ask God for wisdom, get you a camera, dress up and just go! You will be amazed at the you that comes back. 

Faith + Love,