Reviews from a FOODIE

I find recipes from Pinterest, Facebook and other blogs and recreate them in my kitchen adding in a little spice from my Southern roots. I Iove to cook but traveling gives me the advantage to try different restaurants all over the Southeast and snap pictures of my favorite ones along the way, so I share those here. 

At the end of the day, I'm just a girl who likes to eat


Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

So, it's my first time here in LA and everyone said that we should make this one of our food stops when we got here. We went to the one on Pico Blvd. Well, the truth is that it was just..."O.K." I had the Obama special which is 3 fried chicken wings and a waffle. The chicken was good but my mom's is better (lol) and if you put this waffle next to a waffle at Waffle House, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. They were busy when we went but the customer service was pretty good. I think it's a good place to try on your first visit to LA but I wouldn't stop here again if I came back. Maybe it was just this location? 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.15.57 PM.png

Sunflower Cafe


BEST VEGGIE BURGER EVER! This cafe in Nashville, TN makes me want to commit to the vegetarian life--but yea...Anywho, I found this place through Yelp and visited while traveling for work earlier this year. If you've never had a veggie burger, this is the first place you need to try! The place is very "hippy vibes" but it's a nice place to take a small family or group of friends. I paired it with kale and sweet potatoes and was too full to eat the entire meal but I would order it all over again because...leftovers, duh! 

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Tupelo Honey

If you grew up on shrimp and grits, then trying these are a must! I first visited Tupelo Honey in Chattanooga, TN but I've been to ones in Atlanta, GA and Bristol, TN and the thing that I love most about this restaurant is that it is consistent! The main star of this dish however is not the shrimp, it's the creamy dreamy goat cheese grits! I would honestly order a plate of grits alone with their apple butter biscuits. Tupelo serves one of the best shrimp and grit dishes across the market. Google the closest one to you and celebrate yourself! Also, leave off the the cows?


Taqueria Tsunami

Have you ever had avocado egg rolls? DO NOT try them unless you are getting them from my friends over in Atlanta, GA at Taqueria Tsunami. There are many locations but I always visit the one in Roswell off of Holcolmb Bridge Rd. Their tacos are also very good and you can create your own fiesta with their expansive menu! Great place to try whenever you are in ATL. 

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Jane Bistro & Bar

THE BEST shrimp and grits EVEERRR! You guys this restaurant is in Hilton Head, SC and the interior design of this eatery is perfect. They put a twist on their shrimp and grits and added parmesan. I was nervous about it at first but I am so glad that I left this dish the way that it comes....superb! I also like the seating and layout of this restaurant. If you ever are traveling towards the beautiful beaches that are here in Hilton Head, you have to go here! 

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The Cowfish Sushi Bar

If the food doesn't sell you on this place, the atmosphere and customer service will! I first tried The Cowfish in Raleigh, NC while traveling for work and I can't wait to go back again. This was a smoked salmon sushi roll and I think I paid maybe $10 or $12 for it...completely worth it and some! If you're ever in the Carolina area, try it out...tell them I sent you!